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xro-audio-stackedAre you dreaming of one day becoming a world-class recording engineer? Or maybe you’d simply like to set up a home recording studio for yourself and your friends or bandmates to make basic recordings and demos. It’s all good – no matter what your recording goals are, XRO Audio Institute is ready to help. We’ve designed a 6 month program to introduce aspiring audio professionals to a wide range of material covering areas of recording, production and the business of the music industry. To register for our upcoming Spring 17 semester, please contact us at xrostudios@gmail.com or 803-640-4323. Below is a list of our courses.

INTRODUCTION TO AUDIO ENGINEERING (8 Classes) Students will learn how to use all of the standard types of audio equipment and their basic theory of operation. 

STUDIO RECORDING I (8 Classes) Students will learn the latest techniques in audio recording. From analog to digital, this course will improve your abilities to record music at home or in a studio.

STUDIO RECORDING II (8 Classes) Coursework to include assignments for out of class recording projects, opportunities to assist in several actual studio recording sessions, assistance in selecting a project and procuring the proper equipment.

dsc_0148STUDIO RECORDING III (8 Classes) Students will learn recording and mixing with Pro Tools. The course will include 2 labs and a final project.

DIGITAL MUSIC PRODUCTION (8 Classes) Learn how to create custom instrumentals at home with the latest in digital music production. Course covers the digital audio programs Reason and Logic.

MUSIC BUSINESS (8 Classes) Whether you want to be the manager of a band, make extra income as a booking agent or do both for yourself as an artist, this course will give you the skills to navigate through the complicated world of the music business.

Fill out the contact form at the top of this page or call us directly at 803-640-4323 to discuss program costs and payment options, or to ask any questions you may have about the program.